Breast augmentation has revolutionized cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation means the enlargement or augmentation of a woman’s breasts. There are many factors that may lead women to desire affordable breast implants. They include the stress of aging, child-birth, weight loss/gain fluctuations, and other factors.

Breast augmentation can take many shapes and sizes. To begin with, breast implants generally come in two basic shapes: round and contoured (anatomical or teardrop shape). Round breast implants are symmetrical and were the first types of implants to be used in the 60s and 70s. Round implants are generally for women who wish a fuller, larger and more obvious bust.

Contoured breast implants are shaped like teardrops thus resembling the natural form of the female breast. Contoured implants are generally a bit smaller and subtler than round varieties. Movie stars like Nicole Kidman and Marisa Tomei are examples of celebrities who have had contoured breast implants in recent years.